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civil emergency message

A Civil Emergency Message (CEM) is a warning that is broadcast by the NOAA Weather Radio (NWR) to warn the public of a danger that presents a danger to a significant civilian population. The CEM usually warns of a specific hazard and gives specific instructions on what to do to protect yourself and your family.

Active Situations

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Watches/Warnings and Advisoriesfree

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Local Weather

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Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEAs)

WEAS is a national wireless emergency notification system operated by the National Weather Service. WEAS is the first and only nationwide wireless emergency alert system available in the United States.

WEAS uses a network of weather alert radios installed in public locations across the United States. The WEAS system provides the National Weather Service with a platform to quickly and reliably deliver weather alerts to the public. WEAS is linked to a mobile app and website,, which gives the public access to the weather alerts delivered by WEAS.

WEAS alerts are delivered via the Emergency Alert System (EAS) to WEAS radios. WEAS radios can be purchased at retail locations at a very low cost. They are also available free of charge to the public through the WEAS system. WEAS radios can be installed in public locations such as libraries, schools, and government buildings.

Stay informed during disasters

Liaison centres and community crisis intervention

There are many different sources of weather alerts. These can be warnings from government agencies, including the National Weather Service, and local governments.

Make sure you have a way to protect yourself from severe weather AND Stay proactive by signing up for AlertCore to receive severe weather alerts

The broadcast media highlight severe conditions in weather broadcasts warning of dangerous weather or specific hazardous conditions.

History of the Blue Alert program in North Carolina

The domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM) celebrates police and community partnerships in service to victims of violence. One of DVAM's programs is Blue Alert, a nationwide police-based communication system for domestic violence incidents. This system is based on a partnership between the FBI and other law enforcement agencies. The FBI seeks to help track down dangerous predators, such as those who commit domestic violence, by providing a reward of up to $10,000 for information that leads to a conviction. Silicon Valley companies, media organizations, and law enforcement agencies have been revealing and encouraging victims of the pandemic to use their online platforms, such as Facebook Live, to broadcast their safety while reporting incidents of COVID-19. The Department of Justice has promoted identifying urban crime hot-spots through community outreach and direct intervention.

Emergency Alert System

The Emergency Alert System

It is supported by the state and federal governments

The EAS is only used to alert New Zealand for natural disasters, but can be used to alert the nation for natural disasters as well.

The system is voluntary, but broadcasting

Most of the time, it’s used to get advance warning of local weather systems. #customcomment-57132

The wireless Emergency Alert system (“EAS”) is supposed to alert people in dangerous situations and help them prepare for such events. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) administers the program

Arizona Emergency Information Network (AzEIN)

Fire: Rescuers respond to emergencies anytime and anywhere, resulting in loss of life, damage to property, and impairment. The Arizona Department of Emergency Services responds to emergencies of all types, resulting in loss of life, damage to property, and impairment. Invite your family and friends along with the squirrels and birds. It’s a fun way to bring all the students.

City & County of Honolulu

The National Institutes of Health informs that a traumatic experience, like the COVID-19 pandemic, is linked to a large proportion of mental health problems. Individuals often experience symptoms, such as anxiety, depression, and insomnia, that get worse after COVID-19. For most people, these symptoms resolve, though some people experience trauma-related mental health issues that aren’t always easy to reverse.

civil emergency message

civil emergency message

civil emergency message

civil emergency message

civil emergency message

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